Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jack Parker and Zach Cohen Postgame Transcripts

Transcriptions by Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Jack Parker

Opening statement

I was very, very disappointed in my team in the second period. We came unraveled. I thought we played a great first period. Then we come out and our goalie makes a fabulous save right off the bat. That should have re-ignited us a little bit. Instead, we just stood around and watched them.

We had a chance to clear the puck on the second goal. We wave at it and leave it right in front of our goalie, 15 feet out front, and one of the best scorers in the league comes in and puts it right by him. There’s no need for that puck to ever be there.

A 2-on-1, the defenseman doesn’t quite widen out and play his guy. The goalie’s got the shooter. They get a tap-in goal to make it 3-1, and then we wilted. I was extremely disappointed in our club after that.

I thought Adam Kraus competed like hell in the third period.

On the first period

I thought we played very well. I thought we played exactly like we wanted to play.

On the struggles on the 5-on-3

We had already gone out the window by that time. We were so bad before that it was just a matter of we had already wilted, I thought. I don’t remember one in the first. We might have had some chances. The second period was the one we really made a mess out of.

On the clock issues, specifically the possibility that BU had to kill an extra 17 seconds

I didn’t notice that, no. The penalty clocks were all done. You couldn’t use them anymore. I think the referee kind of understood. He came over to me and said, ‘I think there was a mess up on the clock here. You’ll find out later on.’ I didn’t see it at the time. Seventeen seconds, we didn’t lose the game. Would have been nice if we didn’t give it up, if it was still 3-1, but the fact is we disintegrated.

On playing Bonino, Chiasson, Warsofsky and/or Rollheiser tomorrow

Nobody gets pushed up unless they’re ready to play. Doesn’t matter if you lose a game or not. I have no idea. We’ll see how they skate tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we won’t see any of them.

On what specifically went wrong in the second

We stopped competing.

On whether or not it feels like his team has hit rock bottom

I don’t know. You have to give them a lot of credit. They’re 6-0 in their home barn right now. They just beat BC last week handily. They’re a very, very good hockey team. Rock bottom for us? We’ve lost four games in a row. That’s rock bottom. But don’t take anything away from Merrimack. They played terrific tonight.

On whether or not he can comment on the chippiness of the game


On Colby Cohen getting frustrated

You’re correct.

On what, if anything, he was impressed with

I was impressed with Gaudet and Santana killing penalties. They did a real good job. I was impressed with the competitive nature of my goaltender Adam Kraus, because we left him out there to dry a few times. That’s about it.

On using Connolly at the point on the power play in the third

We’ve done that before. We’ve been working on that a little bit, but it was out of necessity because 25 wasn’t there.

On the final power-play unit of the game, which included Gaudet, Santana and Gryba

It was about getting fresh guys on the ice. We were exhausted by that time. We didn’t want to get anyone hurt because they were tired. By that time, we weren’t coming back.

On what they have to do to turn things around

Look at the game film and talk to my players tomorrow. We’ll have a pregame skate and see if we can get them recommitted.

Zach Cohen

On the second period

We started playing on our heels at the beginning of the period, and we just couldn’t get back from that. They scored a few quick goals and we had to fight back from that, and that’s pretty tough.

On the team’s performance on 5-on-3s

I thought we were moving it pretty good. We just weren’t getting the right shots on it. We have enough skill to go out there and score some goals. We just haven’t gotten the luck, get some rebounds and put them in. Keep battling, move the puck a little quicker and hopefully those will go in soon.

On whether or not he thought Merrimack got a little chippy

Not really. They’re a physical team, and we’re trying to get back at them, too. It was a tough game, and they had a little more edge than we did, so we just have to come back tomorrow night and do better than them.

On whether or not it feels like the team’s hit rock bottom

It’s tough. It’s always a battle. Every season has some low points. Last year, we lost three in a row or something. Everyone has losses, so we just have to find a way to come back the next day and be better than we were the night before.

On the idea that the team “stopped competing” in the second period

We were a little down on the bench, but we fought back in the third period and we kept doing that in the third, so as long as we keep doing that every shift, we’ll hopefully get some bounces.

On Merrimack letting them back in the game with penalties

It was tough, but you just have to keep chipping away. After a while, things are going to start going in, so once they do, hopefully we can get some more 5-on-5 goals and start dominating down low.

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