Friday, January 21, 2011

Grading the Terriers: 1/21 vs. BC

By Scott McLaughlin/DFP Staff

Offense: B
Any time you get 32 shots against BC, that’s a good thing. The Terriers continue to be much more willing to put on shots from the outside, which is good, but they also continue to struggle to get traffic in front, which is not. Most of BU’s chances from in close came from the side of the net, not the top of the crease. Aside from Alex Chiasson, who had four shot attempts from the slot, the Terriers registered just three shot attempts from the slot. BU also missed the net too many times – 13 shots strayed away from the cage without being deflected.

Defense: B+
The defense struggled in the first, as it frequently gave the Eagles too much time and space, but it got much better as the game went on. In the second and third periods, the Terriers did a much better job clamping down on BC and taking away options. They also blocked 21 of BC’s 58 shot attempts, including an astounding nine of 20 in the second period. They also held the Eagles to just one grade-A chance in the second. BC didn’t really get any quality chances in the final two periods until BU had to start pushing it offensively late in the third to try and tie the game.

Goaltending: A-
Kieran Millan gave up three goals in the first, but there wasn’t really much he could do on any of them. One was a snipe, one was a 3-on-1 and one was a shot from the point that he never saw. Just like Tuesday at Merrimack, Millan made several huge saves down the stretch to keep his team close. The most notable was a 2-on-1 highway robbery of Jimmy Hayes late in the third that has to be the save of the year. Millan came out to challenge Pat Mullane, then had to slide all the way to other side of the crease before snagging Hayes’ shot from the jaws of the cage with a flashy glove save.

Special teams: C
BC scored two power-play goals in the first and both were too easy. The first came on a miscommunication between David Warsofsky and Charlie Coyle on a shorthanded break that led to a 3-on-1 the other way and an easy finish for Brian Gibbons. The second came on a Brian Dumoulin shot from the point where there was way too much traffic in front of Millan. It looked like the Terriers were just letting the Eagles loiter in front of the net. On the power play, BU got one pretty goal on a Warsofsky one-timer that came from some nice puck movement, but that was pretty much it. On the Terriers’ other six power plays, they struggled to set up and didn’t move the puck fast enough once they did.

X-Factor: Falling behind early… again
It’s great that the Terriers have shown some resiliency these last two games after falling behind 3-0, but it’s awfully difficult to win a game when you dig yourself that big a hole. BU outplayed BC for a solid 40 minutes of tonight’s game, but getting outplayed so badly in the first 20 killed them, just like Merrimack’s domination of the first 30 minutes Tuesday made the Terriers’ comeback bid too little too late. BU has made a bad habit of falling behind early all season, and that’s going to have to change very soon if the Terriers want to be an NCAA Tournament team.


  1. Scott, I wish you were my teacher in school. A- for Millan? Other than a few nice saves in the 3rd, I can't think of much positive that he did. He should've had the 3rd goal. He also had his usual easy shots that he mishandles. B for the offense? Our forwards didn't score a goal.

  2. Millan did have some issues with rebound control, but besides that he was very solid. On BC's third goal we had the same view from our seats as Brian Dumoulin - an open corner glove side with Millan completely screened. Dumoulin fired the puck into the opening while Millan clearly never saw it. Fault the defense for not clearing the slot, not Millan. You can't save what you can't see.

  3. B+ for the defense?


    The second goal was on Warso for stupidly carrying the puck while shorthanded. Where did he learn to play defense? Maybe it's time to move him to forward...

  4. why bother? BC's dominance over BU is clear cut. the beanpot will make a clean sweep

  5. Is Clendening the new Warso - concerned with points and could care less about playing defense...

    Why does Parker waste time recruiting these people? How about a defensive defenseman?

  6. BC has won four in a row in the series, but the two teams are tied 5-5 in their last 10 meetings.
    It goes in cycles. Perhaps the Beanpot is when it cycles back to the team that actually is in Boston.

  7. Andrew Glass would have helped a lot last night. he's the only one with enough speed to have had a chance keeping up with BC's forwards.

  8. Those grades are really high for a LOSS!