Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From the FreeP: Terriers finish last in Beanpot for first time in 31 years

By Scott McLaughlin/DFP Staff

Harvard University scored two goals in the final 4:03 of Monday’s Beanpot consolation game to hand the No. 15 Boston University men’s hockey team its first last-place finish in the Beanpot since 1980. The loss marks just the second time a Jack Parker-coached team has finished fourth in the annual tournament.

BU sophomore forward Alex Chiasson scored his second goal of the game with 5:55 remaining when he tipped home a shot by junior defenseman David Warsofsky to give his team a late 4-3 lead, but the Terriers (14-9-7) could not make it stand up.

Less than two minutes later, sophomore defenseman Danny Biega wristed a shot through heavy traffic and past junior goalie Kieran Millan (24 saves) to tie the game. Senior forward Michael Del Mauro scored what proved to be the game-winner for the Crimson (5-18-1) with 2:08 to go when he collected a rebound at the left doorstep and flipped it into an empty net.

“I thought that was an embarrassing display by my team tonight,” Parker said. “We didn’t come to play. We thought the game was over at any time. … We play fairly hard for a while and get what should be the winning goal and then go to sleep again.”

The Terriers opened the scoring 5:42 into the first with a power-play goal, their first of three on the man advantage. Junior forward Corey Trivino fed Chiasson in the slot for a one-timer that was stopped by senior goalie Ryan Carroll (45 saves), but Chiasson eventually found his own rebound in the ensuing scrum and slid it home for his 11th of the season.

BU started the second period on an extended power play after Harvard junior forward Daniel Moriarty earned himself a five-minute major and a game misconduct for hitting senior forward Joe Pereira from behind in the waning seconds of the first.

Not only did the Terriers fail to capitalize, but Harvard was able to tie the game while shorthanded. A little more than four minutes into the second, sophomore forward Alex Fallstrom rushed down the right wing and centered for junior forward Alex Killorn, who beat two Terriers to the front and was able to bury a one-timer.

The Crimson struck two more times in the next 1:13. First, junior defenseman Ryan Grimshaw took a pass in the high slot and beat Millan blocker-side with a seemingly harmless wrist shot. Just 19 seconds later, Killorn flung a puck to the front from the left corner that banked off Millan and in.

BU answered with two quick goals of its own later in the second. With 7:36 to go in the frame, freshman defenseman Garrett Noonan set up shop at the left doorstep on the power play and banged home a pretty pass from classmate Charlie Coyle for his fourth goal of the season and third in his last four games.

Just 43 seconds later, Noonan jumped into the play again. This time he held the puck in the right circle and faked a shot before sending a cross-box pass to rookie blue-liner Adam Clendening, who had an open net to shoot at and did not miss. The goal was Clendening’s third.

Although Monday’s game has no effect on the Hockey East standings, it does count in the PairWise Rankings used to determine the NCAA Tournament field. Parker said he recognizes what the consequences of Monday’s loss could be.

“A very, very disappointing loss, and a loss that’s going to come back to haunt us later on I believe,” Parker said. “That win doesn’t mean a lot to Harvard. That loss means an awful lot to us. My club wasn’t ready to make sure they got that W.”


  1. The por-Glass members of the team really gave it to Parker as they laid down in the games Parkers care most about - the Beanpot.

    First, they allow rival BC to totally demoralize Parker and the fan base with a loss.

    Then they destroy Parker, the fan base, and the team with a horrific loss to Harvard that places Parker in last place of this year's Beanpot while destroying all chance of making the NCAA tournament.

    To the pro-Glass members of the team, I salute you for a job well done. Your message was sent but it's unclear if Parker and his Suck Ups heard it.

  2. Just like I predicted, Parker and BU come in last place in the Beanpot.

    What excuses do the Parker Suck Ups have now?

  3. Warso with another stellar -3.

    Yet Parker think he's the best defenseman in Hockey East? I'd rather have a traffic cone guarding the defensive end than Warso.

  4. Warso comes through again with a -3.

    Why won't Parker just move him to forward because he can't play defenseman?

  5. Will Parker bench his favorite Suck Up (Warso) for his horrific play in the Beanpot last place game?

    Not only should Warso be benched for the rest of hte season, he should be booted from the team. Andrew Glass holds far more value to the team than Warso does.

  6. Surprised the usual Parker Suck Ups aren't here making excuses for him.

  7. This has nothing to do with Glass. The team flat out didn't come to play yesterday and it hurts their NCAA chances but doesn't kill them all together. They are just forced to win out from here to have any chance for an at large bid. Warso hasn't played well for a month now no one is disputing that. Parker sat him for a reason. He is one of the best defenseman in HE when he is playing well but he isn't right now thats for sure.

  8. 1-4-1 is how this team will finish in the last 6. Joke's on us for spending time and money to watch these guys lay eggs.

  9. LOL at how the rift on the team caused by the Andrew Glass situation destroys Jack Parker again.

  10. Terrier Fan Class of 1996February 15, 2011 at 12:31 PM

    If "Anonymous" is indeed a BC "fan" (and I use that word very loosely), it's pathetic and sad that instead of celebrating BC's dramatic win, "Anonymous" continues to obsess over BU -- the Glass situation, the Parker "suck-ups", and Warsofsky.

    "Anonymous" -- if you are a BU "fan", the BU hockey program can do without your "support".

    Regardless, "Anonymous" -- you are an embarrassment. You REALLY need to get a life and/or professional help.

  11. Parker needs to hire someone to be liaison with the players on the team just so he can keep a team intact.

  12. I am a long time BU hockey supporter and today I am mad, disappointed, and pessimistic. The gap between us and BC continues to widen, and I think it is time that they bring in Quinn - if he will even come

    PS I am not the other anonymous

  13. Isn't Quinn the guy who passed out in his car after too much alcohol?

    He would embarrass us just as much as Jack Parker does now.

  14. Maybe you all should just sign in through one of the five options instead of posting anonymously so everyone can tell the difference between who is saying what

  15. I will say I regret none of the time, money and energy I've spent following BU hockey. Did they win every game I saw? Absolutely not (I might be bad luck I think at this point :p) Do I regret going to the losses or spending money on tickets to see BU lose? Do I regret following last year's comparatively mediocre team? HECK NO! I found being a Sox fan fulfilling before and after they've won, good years and bad. Same goes with the Terriers. Tell me, were you guys Sox fans in '07 and Yankees, Phillies or Giants fans the last 3 years? Didja hop on the BC bandwagon last year?

  16. We are comparing ourselves to the Boston Red Sox? LOL, LOL, LOL...

    If we were the Red Sox, would have fired our coach years ago for gross incompetence.

  17. Gross incompetence?
    That is a gross statement.

    You can argue that Parker is too tough on the players.
    You can argue that he doesn't communicate as well as he should.
    You can argue that the Glass situation was unfair and not handled well.
    You can argue that the powerplay stinks, and it is the coaches' fault.

    But you can't argue that Parker is an incompetent coach. You can't have his record of achievement over nearly 40 years and be an excellent coach.

    You are doing everything you can to sully a coach with a great reputation and the results on ice, and testimonials from his current and former players off it, on a blog as an anonymous contributor.
    Why don't you reveal yourself? Then we can judge what your credentials are to question Parker's fitness.
    It's cowardly to drag someone down behind the cloak of anonymity.

  18. The Parker of 20 years ago is not the same Parker of today. The boorish buffoon of 20 years ago won big games. THe boorish buffoon of today can not.

  19. Hey Parker, don't hide behind "Anonymous" to defend yourself. You're overpaid for the lousy work you do. The least you can do is use your real name to defend yourself instead of using one of your Suck Ups or hiding behind a screen name.

  20. The Parker Suck Ups want him to be judged based on his coaching before he became senile?


  21. He is senile? Won it all in 2009 losing only six games all year? You just tear the guy down because you have a grudge or are bored. He is going to go down in history as one of the best if not THE best college hockey coach of all time. You go and call all BU fans Parker Suck Ups. You are a York Suck up and probably a bandwagon fan. I doubt you even went to BC hockey games two years ago when you guys sucked and Matt Gilroy was making you all look foolish.

    Jack Parker has coached teams to 3 National Championships, 2 more as an assistant on the 71 and 72 teams. He has over 800 wins and is a legend whether you like it or not. No one is going around bashing York because real hockey fans can appreciate great coaches. We may not like York but we atleast respect him enough to not anonymously bash him everyday.

  22. Love how the Parker Suck Ups bring only 2009 into the conversation while completely excusing him for the last 10 to 15 years of incompetence and embarrassment to BU.

    Not suspending John Sabo for kicking in the face of my fellow BU alum more than wipes out any single accomplishment Parker had in 2009.

  23. You're not a BU alum you go to Newton College.

  24. I'm sorry. Wait a minute. Did someone just say that Parker is going to go down as one of the best if not THE best college hockey coach of all time?

    Yes he will be one of the best. But let's not kid ourselves thinking he could be THE best. Jesus, go take a look down the street at a superior coach. Parker is a legend but isn't even the best college coach in the city limits. Forget about all time.

  25. First, York coaches in Newton not Boston so yes Parker is the best coach in the city of Boston.

    Second, you can make the argument that Parker is a better coach than York. I am not saying there is a clear answer but Parker has a better overall history as coach than York.Parker has 3(5)(plus two more as Kelly's coach-in-waiting in 71 and 72) NC titles, .648 winning percentage, 834 wins, 3-time NCAA coach of the year, 5 time Hockey East coach of the year, 30 NCAA Tournament games won, 7 HE tournament titles, 8 HE regular season titles, 21 Beanpot Titles.

    York has .605 winning percentage, 4 national titles, 871 wins, 4 regular season conference, 9 conference regular season titles(1 ECAC,4 CCHA,4 HE), 8 conference tournament titles, 5 beanpot titles, 11 NCAA appearances and 1 HE coach of the year. Like I said, it is a toss up and you can make the argument for each. They are the top 2 in the game right now since they have brought home the last 3 NCAA titles. No argument can be made there.